About The Author

Wouldn’t you want to discover success principles from a person who has experienced failure, success, super success and has helped thousands of people accomplish their ultimate dream (goal)?

Thomas “Andy” Bowdoin, Jr. started his business career in Perry, FL at the age of 25. At age 29 he decided to enhance his business career by learning how to:

  • Motivate people and inspire people,
  • Speak to large audiences and keep them
    glued to every word,
  • Recruit, train and manage sales people.

He learned these important qualities plus, dynamic success principles that causes people to accomplish their ultimate dreams (goals) at a rapid pace while

  • Selling and instructing Dale Carnegie Courses with a Franchisor of the Dale Carnegie Courses in Florida,
  • Studying the “Science of Personal Achievement” program developed by Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”,
  • And then recruiting sales people to market the program throughout the southeast,
  • Developing a leadership, management course with Dr. David Swartz,
  • Deceased professor of marketing at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA and author of “The Magic of Thinking Big”.
  • He then recruited sales people throughout the eastern part of the U.S. to market the course,
  • Conducting a survey with a group of his sales people interviewing super successful people, successful people and average people
  • To find out what causes a few people to become super successful, a higher percentage to become successful but the largest percentage remains average.
  • He reveals why in his new book and how you can rapidly become super successful,

Serving as president of the Perry, FL Rotary Club.

  • He took what he learned and incorporated it into businesses he started, into an awesome course and into a speech he titled “Success Comes in Cans.”
  • He has given this speech to thousands of sales organizations, conferences and other businesses throughout the USA.
  • He has now expanded it into a book so more people can learn how to rapidly become more successful in life.